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Walk For Dignity Registration

In Remembrance Of
Mrs. Georgia Knighton

Saturday June 24th 9:00-3.00

Jake Gaither
Community Center
801 Bragg Dr.
Tallahassee, Fl. 32305

All proceeds go to Start-up
of Residential Assisted
Living Facility for Abused
Seniors Opening August 2017.

Registration ends
Thursday June 22nd.

Purchase raffle tickets for $2
to enter in to win a prize!

Our Story

The Love Of A Grandmother

This story would begin for me as a little girl in a small town in Georgia. My grandmother was the strength of our family. She would bring everyone together every Sunday to eat, enjoy each other, and just have fun together. These were some of the most joyous moments of my life, family being together! This was how a family was supposed to be, kept by a grandmother that loved seeing everyone together. The value of family has always stood in my heart. My grandmother was truly the person that KEPT our family together! All the Love, and Lessons I learned, would never be far from my heart.

I enjoyed watching her cook, clean, bake, and often times listened to all the old gospel CD’s. Although I watched every step she made in cooking, it would never quite taste how grandma made it! On Sunday mornings she would send my cousins and I to church, and Sunday school. It was a long walk, but well worth it, this would ground us in our belief in God! She taught us Respect, Love, Concern for others, and simply what it meant to always do what was right! I can remember being closed up in the car with her listening to old gospel CD’s as she would cry out to God from her heart, not knowing what she needed from God, but inside it was teaching me how to cry out to God in my time of need. Some may say I’m a young person trapped in an old heart, but those old gospel songs that helped my grandmother through would always remain in my heart, and help me understand as the Songwriter Willie Banks would say: God Is Still In Charge!

As time passed on, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t know how to respond to this, my heart was numb, and I couldn’t understand why. I would look at her in unbelief of what the doctor had said, which was she had 6 months to live. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, watching her suffer. But it was this experience that changed my life, and made God’s plan Perfect, and Clear. This would draw my heart even closer to seniors. My grandmother has since gone on to Glory, but the Love, and the times we shared would remain in my heart forever.

I would go on to open Heaven Sent Elderly Care Services, providing In - Home Care such as Homemaker, and Companionship Services. This would give seniors the little assistance needed that they may remain in the comfort of their own home, which my husband and I still run today. I’ve spent years giving back to the senior community all that my grandmother has given me! As I remember the sad moments, and the tears, I wished I knew God, as I do now, that I could have given her the Hope, and Strength she needed in him. But all is not lost, I stand now in the Purpose, and Calling in God, that he has upon my life, that I may pour her Legacy back into the lives of seniors today! NOW, I understand why my eyes were there to see, and I had a Loving heart to receive, that I may give back to the senior community. I deliver the message of HOPE which is given by God, and that is, When It Seems All Have Forgotten God Has NOT Forgotten💒…..

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